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Official Launch June 1st

First Auction June 6th!

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How does work? is loosely based on the US website – where independent, local Aquarium Enthusiasts are able to buy and sell fish. plants and accessories to each other. offers a completely safe and transparent portal to buy and sell aquarium fish.

We support a simple, standardised framework agreement between buyers and sellers to ensure a smooth transaction. Our model is based on integrity, honesty and accountability. You are encouraged to rate and review each purchase so the community can grow based on trust and reputation.

  • The goal of is to build an Australia wide network of Aquarium Enthusiasts.
  • Buyers and sellers will earn a trusted profile with each transaction.
  • It’s hoped that successful sellers will build a following  and be able to share their fish with a wider, more appreciative audience.
  • Ask anyone who has spawned a few dozen Angelfish how hard it is to sell them for anything near what they are worth in time and skill.
  • is your opportunity to sell your treasured fish to other Aquarists who value your efforts.
  • hopes to build a value network outside of the traditional Pet Shop/ End Consumer so that unique fish will be valued.
How much does it cost? does not charge commissions or add buyers premiums.

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Do you have fish to sell for our first Auction day Sunday June 6th? Become a vendor and join here to start selling your fish! is a start up built for the Australian Aquarist Community. We are promoting the site as FREE for buying fish and FREE for selling fish.

Over time we will evolve the site and build in directions that suit the community’s needs. We anticipate a paid model at some point in the future, especially for sellers who are turning over fish above a certain threshold.

For now, and for the immediate future, all fees are being absorbed by us as a gift to the community to help grow interest and foster goodwill. We hope you will join us and list/buy your fish to help us grow.

We appreciate that as a start up we will have some growing pains and flaws intitially, but we do plan on implementing a paying model at some time in the future, at this point when membership passes 1000 members. Suggested models are an annual fee of say $10 per member or an annual membership dependant on your volume of sales per annum. Time will tell, and we’re open to your suggestions.

We’re not in it to make a quick buck but we’re definitely here to help build the Aquarist Community in Australia. The way we see it, the better this site does, the more unique and high quality strain fish you’ll see in your aquariums.

How do the auctions work?

You’re invited to list your fish, plants or aquarium product for auction on
For the best outcome with live fish, we recommend ALL fish be shipped on Monday so they have maximum delivery time before the next weekend.

This means ALL auctions will end on Sunday night, between 5.30pm and 7.30pm.

Once the auction accepts the final bid on Sunday evening, sellers are to get the fish ready for delivery by courier on Monday. 

How do I pay once I've won an auction?

We encourage buyers and sellers to connect and settle payment within 1-2hrs of the auction closing.  Payment can be via Paypal or Osko other immediate payment methods, and by sending a screenshot for proof of the transaction being completed.

To ensure prompt shipping on Mondays, we strongly encourage payment to be completed as soon as possible on Sunday once the auction closes.  

Your co-operation on making swift payment will help build a trusting community on