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A Few Words About ME is a community based Aquarium Auction Marketplace for enthusiasts at all levels of the Aquarium Hobby.

We invite everyone from beginners selling their excess fry to serious breeders selling their prized strains, to Pet Shops and Wholesalers seeking an additional sales channel for their business. can work for you whatever level of aquarium selling and buying you have in mind.

We’re excited to be launching at the end of March 2021.   Please feel free to join up using the form and we will be in touch with you to help you register and get your images online.

We appreciate there may be some growing pains, so we are available to help you get involved. 

As you can see, we have listed some sample images and fish to populate the auction pages.  Your listings will look pretty similar to these.  

If you’d like to be involved or help out in some way, I’m open to your interest as I envisage the site will grow over time and become quite popular as it is entirely free to use.

Bren Administrator